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Chakra: Solar Plexus

When Green Aventurine calls your name, an exciting adventure awaits you. This crystal signifies new beginnings, which appear as personal growth, prosperity and luck. Green Aventurine stimulates your mind to increase your creativity, encouraging you to try new and exciting things. It calls opportunities towards you and attracts possibilities that go beyond your expectations.

This crystal radiates and encourages good vibes, calling positivity and prosperity into your life, while providing strength and support as you leave your comfort zone and routine. When choosing this crystal, keep an open mind towards life change. Say ‘yes’ as new things come your way, even when it feels disorienting. Trust that every gift and opportunity will make sense later.


You will receive one chunk, a matching creative worksheet, which includes the crystal's information, affimations, and creative prompts.


Please note that each stone is unique and will slightly differ in shape and colour/pattern.

Green Aventurine - Raw


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