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ARTitual Tools

ART + Ritual = ARTitual

Where ART and RITUAL cocreate to allow you to create a soulful sacred space to pause, breathe and journey inward knowing you are completely safe and can give your SOUL the LOVE you gift others.

Ritual can be as simple as having a bath or shower each evening or as involved as a ceremony. Ignite your sense of positivity, learn to connect to your feelings of hope. Find the sense of peace you have inside. Because in the end the sharing of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE begins with loving oneself unconditionally first.

Pennettie ARTitual Tools will include tools for your sacred, calm, creative space for your SELF LOVE and or spiritual RITUALS.

All Pennettie elements are ethnically sourced and infused with reiki, light codes, charged crystals under ritual for that extra touch of magick.



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