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Smokey Quartz is a grounding stone known for its ability to help you move on from painful memories. When you meditate with this stone, it guides you to a higher state of being, a place where you can let go of the past, leaving you better, not bitter.

When darkness strikes, protective Smokey Quartz can soak up that negativity like a super absorbent Chux before it takes root in your psyche. If you regularly struggle with depression, anxiety, or jealousy, wearing a piece of Smokey Quartz can be a powerful way to stop those toxic energies from overwhelming you.

All crystals purchased will arrive cleanse and with crystal meaning cards plus another crystal attuning prayer card to help you connect with your newest family members.

All of our tumbles are sized not by eye but by weight, so we can be sure all pieces within a size are cohesive. The weight range for medium tumbles is 15-25gms.

Price is per one piece, intuitively picked for you. The pictures represent the quality and sizing you can expect to receive. However, please note that stone is unique and one of a kind, so there will be slight variations if multiple are purchased.

Smokey Quartz Tumbles


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