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Want some more Info???

How do I care for my Board?

Easy! Follow a few simple rules so it will last you a lifetime!


- Don't store it in direct sunlight as it will yellow with time.


- Only cut on the wooden part of the board and not the resin part. Resin is scratch-resistant but knives will cut through it.


- Avoid putting food on the resin part unless it's something dry. 


- Only rinse the board after use please never soak it or place it in the dishwasher.

- If the board looks dry just lightly oil it with grapeseed oil. 


k How do I care for other items?

For creations containing crystals, glitter, foil, mirror chips and / or glass topped pieces please take extreme care when cleaning and only clean lightly with a damp cloth with water. Due to the delicate nature of these products please do not scrub.

What will it come packaged in?

We build a custom art crate and / or box using recycled materials where we can. You might even see pool noodles and or fabric being used to make sure it's securely protected before shipping it off!

j If I order something that you have completed before will it be the same?

Each of our creations are unique due to the fluid nature of resin, timber and the burning process.

However, with experience I am able to consistently create a similar look of another but no two pieces will be exactly the same. The creation you receive will be unique just like you!

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