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"When we meditate...we are joining on inner levels with others working for the same purpose...the more we recognize this and tune in to and work with the laws of the larger Life, the more serene and effective we become, and one of the most practical steps in this direction is creative meditation."

        - Dr Roberto Assagioli, on The Important Role of Creative Meditation


Our First Meditivity will Start on the 24.05.24


My intention in this 6wk soulful container is to allow you an opportunity to experience meditation and its healing benefits through the activity of painting.


As you paint, you distract your "monkey mind" with the colours and the way the paint bends and layers on the canvas, bringing yourself into a present-moment, meditative awareness.


For many, this is one of the easiest ways to meditate, because you are allowing the doing of painting to guide you into the meditative state, rather than sitting still and trying to stop the mind.

During our time together and at your new painting meditation canvas, you are free to mess up, to make mistakes, to waste time, to get lost, and to let go of all the old stories around painting and "talent" and "good" or "bad" in order to bring yourself completely present and feel the universes and multiverses of possibility and abundance that open up within you as you paint.

Whether you have never painted before or paint professionally, you will be guided to let go and release the creative artist within you, as you get lost in colours flowing into other colours, layering on top of each other, and creating a kaleidoscope of love and light.

Not only is this painting practice going to bring you present, distracting your logical, rational, thinking mind by giving you something to do, but it is also going to align you with your creative frequency where you can remember that you create your reality.


The part of your brain you will stimulate through this painting meditation practice is one in the same with the part of your brain that receives your highest wisdom, your deepest, truest knowing. This is the aspect of you that knows exactly what you want to create and will help you send your creative attention in that direction!

Which is all about getting lost in the process, while having fun with ease!

What is included in this soulful container:

  • All the creative supplies to create your own mixed media Mandala creation plus additional supplies to help you start your own creative journal.

  • "ARTitual" elements: candle, incense, crystals, beautiful music, and anything else that speaks to your sacred, calm, creative space.

  • Six weekly 1hour approx. zoom calls where we will create all together in a powerful form of meditation to express your inner artist.

  • Step-by-step, week by week instruction on how to paint a sacred mandala through a process that is fun and playful.

  • Mindfulness prompts and creative journaling worksheets for helping you to stay centred and to help set your intentions to manifest what you desire.

  • Artistic practices to help you release judgment and boost your creative confidence.

Who should take this soulful container:

  • People who would like to find a hobby.

  • Someone that would like to distract their "monkey mind".

  • Individuals who want to experience deeper healing and balance in their lives.

  • People seeking a spiritual practice that is imaginative and playful.

  • Meditators looking for a different way to meditate that will deepen their connection with their inner vision and dreams.

  • Those that might have insecurities about their creativity and want a non-judgmental, safe environment to tap into and release their creativity.

  • Everyone that wants to work with their intuition and spiritual, creative energy.

Investment will be $222 with payment plans available (shipping outside of Australia will be additional)

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