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Are you looking to start a crystal collection? Or wanting an inexpensive way to find out which crystals feel right for you?

These packs of 3, 6, or 12 crystals will be made up of a mixture of nice quality tumbles from some of the most popular and beautiful crystals.

Your pack will be chosen for you from these stones:






Clear Quartz

Moss Agate


Tree Agate



Snowflake Obsidian

Rose Quartz

Smoky Quartz or any of the others within the bowl.

(RRP may be different from our in-stock

versions due to size or quality differences.)

Each crystal will be a different variety. You won't get two of the same. If you have specific requests, please leave a note in the cart when you purchase. Otherwise, we will choose a gorgeous mix for you. Example packs are pictured.

These tumbled stones have a smooth finish and are perfectly sized for mojo bags, altar displays, carrying on your person, or simply holding to draw energy. As each stone is unique, there will be natural variations in colour, shape, and finish.

The size of these varies, most are medium or large, but a few varieties are smaller. We will give a decent mix in every bundle to ensure you get good value for money!


Please note that each stone is unique and will slightly differ in shape and colour/pattern.

Mixed Medium and Large Tumbles


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