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As times have been incredibly difficult on a global community scale and I understand that everyone is being impacted differently.


As well as me LOVING surprises and the gift of giving have a small number of spaces I am able to offer to the community at complimentary rate to support people through a tough period.


I personaly believe everyone deserves access to mind, body and soul nourishment despite their financial status so 5% of each sale will go directly back into our community  in hope to support someone in need.

There are a limited number of spaces and cases are considered based on this as well as the uniqueness of each situation.


So if this seems like yourself or you know someone that's in need of a creative energy pick me up then please let me know below and of course all applications are confidential.

Amazing, thank you for openness and we will be in touch shortly to let you know about the outcome of your application. 
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