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Reiki & Crystal Healings 

Reiki is an energy healing practice where the practitioner places their hands on or above your (fully clothed) body, connecting to your energy to help your body balance itself from a very deep level. Practicing and receiving Reiki is like receiving the ultimate healing hug, big love and alignment from the Universe.


Reiki helps empower and enlighten your mind, body and spirit.

My sessions are a Distant Healing Session of Reiki combined with Crystal Healing. 

The beauty of energy work is that it doesn't require physical contact or even a close proximity - you will experience all the same sensations and benefits as an in-person session. Your session will include a meditation, crystals and card reading and guidance/ support from as part of my sessions. 

Which means, I will surround Chakra artwork thats placed on the treatment bed with various crystals and channel energy to you.  While you  are sitting or laying without stress, without rushing, or without interruptions. 

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