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A distance reiki and crystal cleanse with a A4 intuitive Mixed Media Healing Creation.


The beauty of energy work is that it doesn't require physical contact or even a close proximity - you will experience all the same sensations and benefits as an in-person session. Which means, I will surround Chakra artwork that's placed on the treatment bed with various crystals and channel energy to you. 


While you  are sitting or laying without stress, without rushing, or without interruptions. 


Your session will include a meditation, reiki and crystal cleanse, a card reading as well as a  intuitive Mixed Media Healing Creation generated from visions, feelings, your aura and emotions from your session.


I will be in contact prior to your session with a email to provide you with link to your meditation music and some tips to help you create a calm space.


After your session I will send through your notes from the session which will include any messages, the cards chosen under guidance plus the crystals used within your body lay out.


Once your session has been completed please allow up to 2wks for your artwork to be received via the post.



Whispers from the Soul


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