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This gorgeous handmade, woodburned celestrial resin serving board is both beautiful and fully functional statement featuring a large pyrography. 


All of these boards have been created from a single piece of camphor laurel timber meaning they are long lasting, don't crack and 100% natural (no binders or toxins) and naturally antibacterial.


Product Specifications:

  • The board is 300mm diameter x 3cm.
  • Australian Made Resin and Resin pastes, glitters 
  • Camphor Laurel Timber grown and milled here on the Sunshine Coast
  • Each board comes with a satin dust satchel to protect your board when not in use. 


Each of these boards are unique due to the fluid nature of resin and burning. With experience I am able to consistently create a similar look but no two pieces will be exactly the same. The item you receive will be in colours of your choice therefore may differ  to the one shown in the photo.


The resin is just for decorative purposes, we only advise the resin is used for incidental food contact therefore resin should not be cut on directly.

Moon & Sun Round Resin & Pyro


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